Corydoras Taxonomy Shake Up – The list of species.

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Phylogenomic analyses in the complex Neotropical subfamily Corydoradinae (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) with a new classification based on morphological and molecular data
Angelica C Dias, Luiz F C Tencatt, Fabio F Roxo, Gabriel de Souza da Costa Silva, Sérgio A Santos, Marcelo R Britto, Martin I Taylor, Claudio Oliveira
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 11 June 2024


Corydoradinae catfish are now split into 7 distinct genera, CorydorasAspidorasScleromystaxGastrodermus (resurrected),  Osteogaster (resurrected),  Brochis (resurrected), and Hoplisoma (resurrected).

As shown above, Gastrodermus, Osteogaster, Brochis, and Hoplisoma have in the past been recognised genus of these catfish, but over the years have been reclassified as Corydoras, now once again they are separate genera. The eagle-eyed may have noticed that Microcorydoras hasn’t made the list, instead the five recognised species in lineage 4 are now a part of Gastrodermus.

In this study, there are now 32 species of Corydoras. This is effectively Lineage 1, with an estimated 42 further species yet to be described.

Corydoras acutus
Corydoras amapaensis
Corydoras areio
Corydoras aurofenatus
Corydoras blochi
Corydoras caramater
Corydoras cervinus
Corydoras coriatae
Corydoras cortesi
Corydoras desana
Corydoras flamentosus
Corydoras fowleri
Corydoras fulleri
Corydoras geofroy – Type species for the Genus
Corydoras maculifer
Corydoras narcissus
Corydoras negro
Corydoras ourastigma
Corydoras oxyrhynchus
Corydoras pastazensis
Corydoras saramaccensis
Corydoras sarareensis
Corydoras semiaquilus
Corydoras septentrionalis
Corydoras serratus
Corydoras simulatus
Corydoras solox
Corydoras spilurus
Corydoras stenocephalus
Corydoras treitlii
Corydoras vitatus
Corydoras zawadzkii

Aspidoras hasn’t changed that much with 18 species here. Aspidoras rochai is the type species. This is lineage 2. There are 6 species estimated waiting to be described.

Aspidoras albater
Aspidoras aldebaran
Aspidoras azaghal
Aspidoras belenos
Aspidoras brunneus
Aspidoras carvalhoi
Aspidoras depinnai
Aspidoras fuscogutatus
Aspidoras gabrieli
Aspidoras kiriri
Aspidoras lakoi
Aspidoras maculosus
Aspidoras mephisto
Aspidoras poecilus
Aspidoras psammatides
Aspidoras raimundi
Aspidoras rochai
Aspidoras velites

Schleromystax gets one new arrival, with Corydoras lacerdai moving in. Although I’ve always known it as Scleromystax lacerdai so this isn’t a great surprise. Scleromystax barbatus is the type species. This is Lineage 3 there are about 9 species waiting to be described in this lineage.

Scleromystax barbatus
Corydoras lacerdai becomes Scleromystax lacerdai
Scleromystax macropterus
Scleromystax prionotos
Scleromystax reisi
Scleromystax salmacis
Scleromystax virgulatus

Gastrodermus comes back from the phylogenetic dead and now contains 14 species with the former Corydoras elegans being the type species. This is Lineage 4 and 5, with potential a lot of undescribed species out there.

Corydoras bilineatus Is now Gastrodermus bilineatus
Corydoras elegans is now Gastrodermus elegans
Corydoras gracilis is now Gastrodermus gracilis
Corydoras guapore is now Gastrodermus guapore
Corydoras hastatus is now Gastrodermus hastatus
Corydoras latus is now Gastrodermus latus
Corydoras mamore is now Gastrodermus mamore
Corydoras nanus is now Gastrodermus nanus
Corydoras napoensis is now Gastrodermus napoensis
Corydoras nijsseni is now Gastrodermus nijsseni
Corydoras paucerna is now Gastrodermus paucerna
Corydoras pauciradiatus is now Gastrodermus pauciradiatus
Corydoras pygmaeus is now Gastrodermus pygmaeus
Corydoras undulatus is now Gastrodermus undulatus

Osteogaster has 7 species, the originally named Corydora Eques is the type species. This was lineage 7. There are an estimated 14 species waiting to be described here.

Corydoras aeneus Becomes Osteogaster aeneus (Gill, 1858)
Corydoras eques* Osteogaster eques (Steindachner,
Corydoras hephaestus Osteogaster hephaestus (Ohara,
Tencat & Brito, 2016)
Corydoras maclurei Osteogaster maclurei (Tencat,
Gomes & Evers, 2023)
Corydoras melanotaenia Osteogaster melanotaenia (Regan,
Corydoras rabauti Osteogaster rabauti (LaMonte, 1941)
Corydoras zygatus Osteogaster zygatus

Brochis reappears, with Corydoras splendens, now once again Brochis splendens as the type species, this is all 4 of the Brochis subclades, and it’s not thought that this will remain as a single genus for very long.

Corydoras agassizii is now Brochis agassizii
Corydoras amandajanea is now Brochis amandajanea
Corydoras ambiacus is now Brochis ambiacus
Corydoras approuaguensis is now Brochis approuaguensis
Corydoras arcuatus is now Brochis arcuatus
Corydoras bethanae is now Brochis bethanae
Corydoras bifasciatus is now Brochis bifasciatus
Corydoras britskii is now Brochis britskii
Corydoras britoi is now Brochis britoi
Corydoras condiscipulus is now Brochis condiscipulus
Corydoras costai is now Brochis costai
Corydoras crimmeni is now Brochis crimmeni
Corydoras crypticus is now Brochis crypticus
Corydoras delphax is now Brochis delphax
Corydoras deweyeri is now Brochis deweyeri
Corydoras difuviatilis is now Brochis difuviatilis
Corydoras ephippifer is now Brochis ephippifer
Corydoras garbei is now Brochis garbei
Corydoras geryi is now Brochis geryi
Corydoras gomezi is now Brochis gomezi
Corydoras haraldschultzi is now Brochis haraldschultzi
Corydoras heteromorphus is now Brochis heteromorphus
Corydoras imitator is now Brochis imitator
Corydoras incolicana is now Brochis incolicana
Corydoras isbrueckeri is now Brochis isbrueckeri
Corydoras lamberti is now Brochis lamberti
Corydoras leopardus is now Brochis leopardus
Corydoras multiradiatus is now Brochis multiradiatus
Corydoras noelkempf is now Brochis noelkempf
Corydoras ornatus is now Brochis ornatus
Corydoras orphnopterus is now Brochis orphnopterus
Corydoras pantanalensis is now Brochis pantanalensis
Corydoras pinheiroi is now Brochis pinheiroi
Corydoras pulcher is now Brochis pulcher
Corydoras reticulatus is now Brochis reticulatus
Corydoras robineae is now Brochis robineae
Corydoras robustus is now Brochis robustus
Corydoras seussi is now Brochis seussi
Corydoras sodalis is now Brochis sodalis
Corydoras spectabilis is now Brochis spectabilis
Corydoras splendens is now Brochis splendens
Corydoras sychri is now Brochis sychri
Corydoras virginiae is now Brochis virginiae

Hoplisoma is also brought back with 88 species, Hoplisoma punctatum is the type species. This was Lineage 9 with the addition of lineage 6.

Corydoras acrensis is now Hoplisoma acrensis
Corydoras adolfoi is now Hoplisoma adolfoi
Corydoras albolineatus is now Hoplisoma albolineatum
Corydoras amphibelus is now Hoplisoma amphibelum
Corydoras apiaka is now Hoplisoma apiaka
Corydoras araguaiaensis is now Hoplisoma araguaiaensis
Corydoras armatus is now Hoplisoma armatum
Corydoras atropersonatus is now Hoplisoma atropersonatum
Corydoras axelrodi is now Hoplisoma axelrodi
Corydoras baderi is now Hoplisoma baderi
Corydoras benatii is now Hoplisoma benatii
Corydoras bicolor is now Hoplisoma bicolor
Corydoras boehlkei is now Hoplisoma boehlkei
Corydoras boesemani is now Hoplisoma boesemani
Corydoras bondi is now Hoplisoma bondi
Corydoras breei is now Hoplisoma breei
Corydoras brevirostris is now Hoplisoma brevirostris
Corydoras burgessi is now Hoplisoma burgessi
Corydoras carlae is now Hoplisoma carlae
Corydoras caudimaculatus is now Hoplisoma caudimaculatum
Corydoras cochui is now Hoplisoma cochui
Corydoras colossus is now Hoplisoma colossus
Corydoras concolor is now Hoplisoma concolor
Corydoras copei is now Hoplisoma copei
Corydoras coppenamensis is now Hoplisoma coppenamensis
Corydoras cruziensis is now Hoplisoma cruziensis
Corydoras davidsandsi is now Hoplisoma davidsandsi
Corydoras diphyes is now Hoplisoma diphyes
Corydoras duplicareus is now Hoplisoma duplicareum
Corydoras ehrhardti is now Hoplisoma ehrhardti
Corydoras esperanzae is now Hoplisoma esperanzae
Corydoras evelynae is now Hoplisoma evelynae
Corydoras eversi is now Hoplisoma eversi
Corydoras faveolus is now Hoplisoma faveolum
Corydoras foehlichi is now Hoplisoma foehlichi
Corydoras gladysae is now Hoplisoma gladysae
Corydoras gossei is now Hoplisoma gossei
Corydoras granti is now Hoplisoma granti
Corydoras griseus is now Hoplisoma griseum
Corydoras gryphus is now Hoplisoma gryphus
Corydoras guianensis is now Hoplisoma guianensis
Corydoras habrosus is now Hoplisoma habrosum
Corydoras julii is now Hoplisoma julii
Corydoras kanei is now Hoplisoma kanei
Corydoras knaacki is now Hoplisoma knaacki
Corydoras lacrimostigmata is now Hoplisoma lacrimostigmata
Corydoras leucomelas is now Hoplisoma leucomelas
Corydoras longipinnis is now Hoplisoma longipinnis
Corydoras loretoensis is now Hoplisoma loretoensis
Corydoras loxozonus is now Hoplisoma loxozonum
Corydoras lymnades is now Hoplisoma lymnades

Corydoras melanistius is now Hoplisoma melanistium
Corydoras melini is now Hoplisoma melini
Corydoras metae is now Hoplisoma metae
Corydoras micracanthus is now Hoplisoma micracanthus
Corydoras microcephalus is now Hoplisoma microcephalum
Corydoras multimaculatus is now Hoplisoma multimaculatum
Corydoras natereri is now Hoplisoma natereri
Corydoras oiapoquensis is now Hoplisoma oiapoquensis
Corydoras ortegai is now Hoplisoma ortegai
Corydoras osteocarus is now Hoplisoma osteocarum
Corydoras paleatus is now Hoplisoma paleatus
Corydoras panda is now Hoplisoma panda
Corydoras paragua is now Hoplisoma paragua
Corydoras parallelus is now Hoplisoma parallelum
Corydoras pavanelliae is now Hoplisoma pavanelliae
Corydoras petracinii is now Hoplisoma petracinii
Corydoras polystictus is now Hoplisoma polystictum
Corydoras potaroensis is now Hoplisoma potaroensis
Corydoras punctatus is now Hoplisoma punctatum
Corydoras revelatus is now Hoplisoma revelatum (This is a species only known from the fossil record.)
Corydoras reynoldsi is now Hoplisoma reynoldsi
Corydoras sanchesi is now Hoplisoma sanchesi
Corydoras schwartzi is now Hoplisoma schwartzi
Corydoras similis is now Hoplisoma similis
Corydoras sipaliwini is now Hoplisoma sipaliwini
Corydoras steindachneri is now Hoplisoma steindachneri
Corydoras sterbai is now Hoplisoma sterbai
Corydoras surinamensis is now Hoplisoma surinamensis
Corydoras trilineatus is now Hoplisoma trilineatum
Corydoras tukano is now Hoplisoma tukano
Corydoras urucu is now Hoplisoma urucu
Corydoras weitzmani is now Hoplisoma weitzmani
Corydoras xinguensis is now Hoplisoma xinguensis

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