Fish Science Mini Algae Wafers 110g

Fish Science Mini Algae Wafers 110g

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It's what fish eat, naturally.  Award winning insect based diet that most fish would eat in the wild. 

FishScience uses insect meal that is made from Black Soldier Flies, which are cultured in Holland.

  • Black Soldier Flies are cultured on waste fruit, vegetables and other organic waste
  • Greater than 10 x lower emissions when compared with conventional livestock rearing
  • Efficient food conversion when compared to other protein production:
    • 1.5kg food produces 1kg of insects
    • 5kg food produces 1kg of pork
    • 8kg food produces 1 kg of beef
  • Reduces the use of Fishmeal. Most fishmeal is produced directly from fish caught in the sea
  • Very limited environmental impact – odourless, controlled and virtually waste free

A complete and nutritionally balanced diet for small Plecostomus and all algae eating fish.

Recreates the natural algae based diet that Plecostomus would eat in the wild.

Plant and algae rich formula containing Spirulina algae, Kelp, Cucumber, Alfalfa and Spinach.

Wafers don’t dissolve to allow natural grazing behaviour.

Contains natural ingredients to support your fishes health including Beta Glucans, garlic and omega 3 oils.


Protein 42%,
Oil 7.5%,
Fibre 2.2%,
Ash 8.5%,
Moisture 10%


Vitamin A 25,000IU/kg,
Vitamin D3 1,400 IU/kg,
Vitamin C 420mg/kg,
Vitamin E 90mg/kg


Algae (Spirulina & Kelp 15%), Mycoprotein, Cereals, Herring meal, Vegetable protein extracts, Insect meal, Vegetables (Cucumber, Spinach), Molluscs and crustaceans, Yeast, Salmon oil and Garlic.