Bug Bites - Colour Enhancing Formula

Bug Bites - Colour Enhancing Formula

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Fluval Bug Bites Colour Enhancing Fish Food Granules Color Enhancing Formula Fish Food is a high-protein, nutritious diet designed to enhance the natural coloration of tropical fish. This daily staple diet is highly palatable and made with sustainably processed insects to provide an eco-friendly food.

Up to 40% of the Bug Bites is made up of nutrient-rich Black Soldier Fly Larvae your fish will love. It's combined with whole salmon, providing a great source of multiple proteins and Omega-3 and -6 to foster healthy skin, scales, and fins.

Fortified with essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals for a balanced daily diet that's easily digestible for your fish, and features a sinking granule format all bottom feeders will love.

Bug Bites is sustainably processed in small batches for quality control and maximum freshness with no artificial fillers, colors, or preservatives.

  • Contains up to 40% nutrient-rich Black Soldier Fly Larvae
  • High in multiple proteins for healthy skin, scales, and fins
  • Slow-sinking granule lets all fish feed at their preferred depth