Alternanthera reineckii Potted Plant

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Plant info

Type: Stem 
Origin: South America 

Growth rate: Medium
Height: 20 - 30+
Light demand: Medium 

CO2 : Medium


 I love this plant, and I really don't love this plant. I love it because it's pink and bushy and wonderful, I don't like it because I can not say Alternanethera, never mind reineckii, Pink I can manage, 

 It's not an easy plant, by which I mean it doesn't have a green easy label from Tropica, But as long as you have decent lights, a substrate that plants like, and use fertiliser you should have success with this one. 

Plant in groups to get the effect, or buy one and propagate it by pinching off the stem and planting it in the substrate next to the mother plant. 

A fantastic splash of colour to brighten up your aquarium, now I'm off to practise saying it.