Live Daphnia 100ml

Live Daphnia 100ml

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 Daphnia are a fantastic food for your fish, as they naturally live in fresh water they will live in your water until eaten, and in fact are great filter feeders helping keep your water a little cleaner. 

Daphnia are small (0.5-3mm), almost transparent, freshwater crustaceans with two feather like antennae and only a single compound eye.  Their bodies are enclosed by a carapace and within the carapace they have leaf-like limbs they move to produce a current of water that circulates oxygen and nutrients to their mouth and gills. They swim by using downward strokes of their large antennae and move in a jerky motion that resembles a flea, giving them their common name of water fleas.

The eggs hatch in the brood chamber within the carapace of the femle daphnia and the juveniles are released in approximately two days when the female molts - they go on to reach maturity in around 6 to 10 days.

The nutritional value of daphnia varies depending on the water it was living in and the food that was available to it.  Studies have found that dry matter content is around 40% protein with 5% fat and fibre and that it provides all the nutritional requirements of omnivorous fish like carp.

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