Fish First Aid Kit

It's well worth having a few meds on hand in case the worst should happen. 

Firstly grab a large plastic box that can hold water. This is now your treatment and quarentine tank. Next you need a small filter you cn leave running in your main tank, and a heater. Perfect you now have a quarentine set up. 


Methylene Blue 

 A bit of an all rounder, meth blue is also used as a human meidcation treating a wide range of things. For fish it has a few great properties. Firstly it's a good anti bacterial and anti fungal, but be aware it will also harm your filter bacteria so never add it to your main tank. It will also stain Saprolegnia blue, letting you know that the white stuff on your fish in in fact sap. Internally it can bind certian toxins, nitrite being a crucial one, and help them be removed by the fishes waste systems. 

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eSHa 2000 and Exit 

 One of the main go tos for treating white spot and some bacterially issues. It is gentle enough to use in most tanks and won't hurt your filter bacteria. 

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Amazon eSHa 2000

 Epsom Salts. 

 Just like with humans these can help get the intensines moving, and draw out excess water, so its worth having some to hand. Just make sure they're pure Magnesium Sulfate. 


Waterlife Myxazin 

 A treatment for fin rot, body rot, ulcers, cloudy eyes, pop eye, raised veins, ‘redness’ and other symptoms of bacterial infection. That also includes treating the milder versions of columnaris. 

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NT Labs Anti-Ulcer & Finrot

 Targetting Aeromonas and Pseudomonas it's another meds thats well worth having. 

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JBL Ektol 

 If you get a bad case of Columnaris or other particualry nasty bacterial disease. But be aware that it may harm your filter organisms. 

Usually available at Madienhead Aquatics. 

 If you have ciclhlids, Waterlife Octozin to treat Hole in the Head disease. 

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