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 If there is one thing we see at this time of year it is heater failures. The heater has been off for most of the summer as the ambient temperature means the water has been warm enough all on its own. 

 Now it’s merrily clicking on and off, and for a lot of heaters that’s just a thin metal strip. What happens if that breaks? 

 Normally the heater sticks on. Gradually raising the temperature of your tank, driving off all the oxygen that the fish need to breathe, and killing a lot of stock. 

 So how can you prevent this? There are a lot of ways, but my choice is to use an external thermostat as well as the one built into your heater. That way you have redundancy. There are several brands that you can choose, D-D, and Nicrew both do thermostats, but hands up I’ve not had the chance to try them out. 

 For this weekend 24th to the 26th of September Inkbird are offering 20% off the one I would say to get. The ITC-306 means you can plug in two heaters, has two probes for extra redundancy themselves, and has WiFi, so you can be told of problems when you’re not at home. 

 If you’ve heard of issues with the older models ask if they had the black aquarium probes of the silver not aquarium probes. This one has two of the aquarium probes. 

 If you’re saying £37 is too much, ask how much your fish cost? I would also have a decent thermometer, two smaller heaters rather than one larger heater, and check things frequently. But whilst the offer is on I wanted to point it out to you.

To get the offer follow the link and use code 5JR8FAVK at the check out.

Ruth McDonald

Sailed twice around the world, started my acedemic career as an archaeologist and somehow ended up lecturing on science and researching fish.

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