Plant of the Day Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica'

Posted by Ruth McDonald on

Crypts have to be one of the most versitile plants that we can get hold of. From background to foreground, mini plants for the tinest aquarium through to huge statement specimens. Today we look at a little gem that is sure to improve any aquarium. 

 Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica' is a special variety of C. wendtii grown especially for Tropica themselves. This beautiful variety with the dark, hammered leaves is named after 'Tropica'. When grown in an open space the leaves will virtually lie on the bottom. It is suitable for small aquariums with leaves from 10-20 cm, and a rosette from 10-20 cm wide. Like most other Sri Lanka Cryptocorynes, it also grows well in hard water.

As with all crypts you might find the leaves melt back once they're put into the aquarium, but don't worry they should grow back. C. wendtii is one plant that does well in a sandy substrate, but be sure to add extra fertilisers. They do well under average light, so don't worry about having to have the most expensive lights going. 

 Sadly many of these crypts are vulnerable or critically endangered in the wild, so always make sure you buy from a reputable source and avoid cheap sellers who could be importing from South East Asia having just ripped them from their wild habitat. 


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